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About Carso XR Project

Through its engaging storytelling the Carso XR Project provides different approaches to understanding the Carso area. The UN 2030 Agenda themes are integrated in the stories, in order to encourage the local community, the institutions, the public sector and private enterprises to operate in a manner consistent with the 17 UN objectives.

UN Agenda 2030

The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a programme for people, the planet and shared prosperity, ratified in September 2015 by the 193 United Nations member states.

Carso XR App: an innovative approach

  • Carso XR - Digital Storytelling Digital Storytelling

    Emotionally engaging stories to rediscover the territory

  • Carso XR - Geolocalizzazione Geolocalization

    Contents are automatically triggered when approaching the relevant locations

  • Carso XR - Soundscapes Soundscapes

    Original soundscapes to create immersive experiences

  • Carso XR - Mappe interattive Interactive maps

    Advanced geographical navigation and routing through interactive maps

The experiences

  • Carso XR - Lo Scrigno Arido The arid treasure chest

    The Karst is a rocky plateau, arid for the most part. Like a treasure chest, it encloses many natural wonders to discover.

  • Carso XR - Il Confine The border

    The Karst has always been a borderland, a strategic place. It was the gateway for entering the territories of the Italian plain. The Karst has been long contended and wounded by bloody conflicts. However, it has been also crossroad of languages, cultures, and people with Slavic, German, and Friulian roots, so deeply related to the Mittel European tradition.

  • Carso XR - La Cenere nel Vento Ashes in the wind

    The red soil of Karst calls to mind the bloody battles fought in these places during the First World War, together with the mourning for the unknown remains of the thousands of fallen, here dispersed as ashes in the wind.

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The Cassa di Risparmio di Gorizia Foundation, aware of its fundamental role in the growth of the Isonzo community, has launched the three-year program "Fondazione CariGO GREEN" together with Intesa Sanpaolo. This aims to enhance the local territory through innovative and sustainable interventions.